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Études conviviales | Seances for the Living



Discussion and Gathering

Thursday, June 14, 6pm






Nasrin Himada
Tuesday, June 12, 6 pm

Mariana Marcassa
starting June 15

Thursdays and Fridays, 2 pm

Annie Wong
Saturday, June 16, 3 pm 

Jamilah Sabur

Tuesday, June 19, 6 pm

Denise Ferreira Da Silva
Thursday, June 28, 6 pm 

Discussion and Gathering

Thursday, June 14, 6 pm

With With Nasrin Himada, Sophie Le-Phat Ho, Mariana Marcassa, Ronald Rose-Antoinette, Jamilah Sabur & Annie Wong

Come meet participating artists and the curators of Seances for the Living over a meal.

We are moved by one desire: to practice and renew the informal.


For Many Returns, Parts 2 & 3

Hosted by Nasrin Himada

Tuesday, June 12, 6 pm


Nasrin Himada’s writing and curatorial series For Many Returns challenges traditional forms of art writing and reading. Instead of talking or writing about the artwork as a way to analyse, explain, or interpret the object in question, their series focuses on the ways in which art can be a catalyst in constituting a radical, intimate, and poetic ecology. For Many Returns is engaging with art practice as a relation, in correspondence and collaboration with the work. For Seances for the Living Himada's reading-performance of Part 2 & 3 brings into articulation scenes of daydreams and memories alongside excerpts of video, film, and new media. For Many Returns honours the practices of artists, and engages with their work, writing love notes to them, corresponding with them, in order to build decolonial strategies with them, ones that engage the relation between image, poetry, and sound.

Voicing Another Spirit

Hosted by Mariana Marcassa

From June 15 to July 6, on Thursdays and Fridays, between 2-6 pm


What is the relationship between voice and memory? What can the voice do to contend with the traumas of the body? How to explore different materialities in order to summon the memory of the body and its sonorities? What kind of listening space needs to be invented so that these sonorities can be embodied, moving the body into the future and producing difference? What role does sound play in creating a new body? To what extent can voice and sound act as disruptive forces? Everyone is welcome to explore these questions through voice, listening, sound, movement, and a variety of materials. 


The Chant of 21

Hosted by Annie Wong

Saturday, June 16, 3 pm


A hungry ghost is a lost spirit in the afterlife. Lingering in limbo, they are the forgotten ones who receive no gifts of remembrance, no invocations from the living, no space in history. In the patriarchal cosmology of Chinese tradition, this realm is reigned over by the hungry ghost of daughters lost to the forced abortions of China’s One Child Policy. The Chant of 21 calls to 21 unnamed female infant bodies washed ashore in the riverbanks of the Guangfu River to build kinship that exceeds borders between the living and dead, socialist China and the diaspora. Reworking the Chinese tradition of burning gifts to ancestors, this seance positions the female hungry ghost, the matriarch and sisterhood in the center of a sacred filial ritual of carrying history and lineage. 


Magueyes, Cartagena, 120 Intervals

Hosted by Jamilah Sabur

Tuesday, June 19, 6pm


Jamilah Sabur will share a gesture consisting of a reading that centres the underwater geologic spaces of the Caribbean Sea. 


Anchor 20

A Study Group on Entangled Socialities: A Poethical Reading

Hosted by Denise Ferreira da Silva

Thursday, June 28, 6 pm


The study group on entangled socialities is one of the main features of the Sensing Salon, which is my collaborative practice with Valentina Desideri. For this iteration, I will perform poethical readings of this project and its participants. The poethical reading consists primarily in a procedure – facilitated by reading and healing tools such as the tarot, astrology, reiki – designed to decenter the self (which is a figuring of the self-determined transparent subject) and complexify subjectivity by recalling how deeply implicated the human is with all other existents and events.


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