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The SBC Contemporary art gallery's artist-in-residence program aims to support artists by providing a space for research and experimentation, to pursue a project that explores issues at the intersection of art, politics and society, supporting creative risk-taking.


Over a five-week period, the artist-in-residence benefit from a range of resources to support the development of their project. Thanks to our partners Atelier Circulaire, Atelier CLARK/Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK and Vidéographe, the artist has access to professional production spaces and technical expertise in printing (engraving, lithography, silkscreening, etc.), woodworking (cabinetmaking and joinery) as well as post-production and video installation*. We invite artists to present a project requiring the mobilization of at least one of these workshops, and to justify their choice.


The SBC gallery space will be made available to the artist as an open studio for work and presentation, and will be used as a venue for professional and/or public invitations. Assisted by the SBC team, the artist is encouraged to choose the programs in which they wish to be involved, and to develop one or more public activities.

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