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The SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art's artist residency program, initiated in the early days of the pandemic, aims to support artists by providing a space, both physical and virtual, for research and experimentation, as well as production assistance to further the study of a field of interest delineated by the artist.

For a period of 5 weeks, the resident artist is given access to various resources to accompany him/her in the development of his/her project. Thanks to our new partners Atelier Circulaire and Atelier Clark, artists will have access to these production spaces in printing and woodworking techniques, as well as technical support, according to certain conditions. The artists are invited to take over the gallery space in order to present stages of development of the project before opening it to the public. In consultation with the artist, events or interventions of mediation with the public can be set up in order to make discover the practice and the artistic process. These events can be multiple and varied: conversation, workshop, take over, or any other form developed by the artist. 

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