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Residency dates : June 3 to July 6, 2024

Application deadline : February 18, 2024

The SBC Contemporary art gallery's artist-in-residence program aims to support artists by providing a space for research and experimentation, to pursue a project that explores issues at the intersection of art, politics and society, supporting creative risk-taking.


Over a five-week period, the artist-in-residence will benefit from a range of resources to support the development of their project. Thanks to our partners Atelier Circulaire, Atelier CLARK/Centre d'art et de diffusion CLARK and Vidéographe, the artist will have access to professional production spaces and technical expertise in printing (engraving, lithography, silkscreening, etc.), woodworking (cabinetmaking and joinery) as well as post-production and video installation*. We invite artists to present a project requiring the mobilization of at least one of these workshops, and to justify their choice.


The SBC gallery space will be made available to the artist as an open studio for work and presentation, and will be used as a venue for professional and/or public invitations. Assisted by the SBC team, the artist is encouraged to choose the programs in which they wish to be involved, and to develop one or more public activities.


The SBC invites emerging, mid-career and established artists to submit a project. In support of diversity and inclusion, the SBC encourages applications from racialized and Native artists, as well as artists from disability and gender diversity.


*See specification on SBC’s website.




Steps in the residency process


  • Organization of a preliminary meeting with the SBC team;

  • Preparation of the schedule and validation of the production plan by the SBC, Atelier Circulaire, Atelier CLARK and Vidéographe teams;

  • Booking of production studio(s) for each stage of production;

  • Realization of the project in the gallery and in the workshop(s);

  • Preparation of public presentation and professional invitations;

  • Public presentation.


Support for the artist during the residency


  • Coordination and follow-up with production partners;

  • Development of a production schedule;

  • Implementation strategies, interventions and presentations;

  • Development of communication and promotional tools to publicize the project;

  • Press releases issued by the SBC and its partners;

  • Organization of one or more events (online and/or public).


Conditions of residency


  • Residency fee of $2,000;

  • Gallery space offered for five weeks for individual work, exhibition and invitation;

  • Access to SBC equipment: computer, library books, installation tools;

  • Production support of $900;

  • Assistance by the SBC team and partners during workshop work;

  • Public transportation pass.


The SBC cannot offer any compensation for travel to Montreal, or for accommodation expenses.

Details of each workshop are available at the end of the page


Selection of the residency project


  • A first jury composed of one representative from each of the partner institutions and two art professionals will make a pre-selection of five applications;

  • A second jury of two professionals, accompanied by the SBC representative, will select the winning project.




Please submit your project no later than February 18, 2024 to


A single presentation document in PDF format (please send us all the documents below):

  • Cover letter outlining your interest in the proposed residency format in relation to your practice and experience (max. 500 words);

  • Text of your artistic approach (max. 500 words);

  • Project intention and brief description of material and technical requirements (max. 600 words);

  • Five-week provisional schedule for the residency;

  • Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages);

  • Self-identification (Self-identification is a way, if you wish, of presenting yourself according to your own modes of representation. We understand that many groups may be discriminated against, under-represented or systemically disadvantaged. Knowing your self-identification (Native, disabled, racialized or gender minority) can be part of a positive action in the selection process).


Visual file :

  • 5 to 10 images - JPG format, 72 dpi - Identified as follows: 01_nom_prenom.jpg; and/or video and audio extracts (5 minutes max) - Hyperlinks required (with password if necessary)

  • Descriptive list of images and/or audiovisual excerpts 


Be sure to attach all links from the visual file to your presentation document. Please keep your online documents accessible until the end of March 2024.


Send your submission in a single e-mail (150 MB maximum) via WeTransfer to:

Please write in the subject line: Residency Committee 2024


The artist in residence will have access to the workshops as follows. 

Visit our partners' websites to find out more about their facilities and activities.

Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 5.15.14 PM.png

Atelier Circulaire is located at 5445 Av. de Gaspé, suite105 in Montreal.

Specializing in the production of printed arts, the Atelier teaches traditional printmaking techniques while integrating new technologies and contemporary practices related to the printing arts.

As part of the residency, the artist in residence will have:

  • Access to equipment during "Fridays at the Atelier", for 4 Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Access to technical support from Atelier coordinators on "Fridays at the Atelier", for a total of 6 hours.

Atelier CLARK is located at 5445 Av. de Gaspé, suite 112 in Montreal.


Atelier CLARK offers support and guidance in the specialized production of cabinetry and woodwork for artistic projects.

As part of the residency, the artist in residence will have:

  • Access to CLARK's facilities for the duration of the residency (5 days of access, between June 3 and 29, 2024);

  • Support from a technical coordinator for 8 hours;


Vidéographe is located at 4550 Rue Garnier in Montreal.

Vidéographe is interested in experimental forms of the moving image and the ways in which they renew the language of the discipline. The center specializes in support for moving image production and post-production.

As part of the residency, the artist in residence will have:

  • Access to Vidéographe's rooms and equipment for the duration of the residency

Please note that after an initial familiarization with the equipment, accompanied by Vidéographe technicians, the artist will have to work independently.

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