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oui, et … aussi

an experiment in writing + curation



nènè myriam konaté in residence at SBC gallery of contemporary art

february + march 2018




yes, and … also  draws from theatrical improvisation + Kimberlé Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality to explore the following questions:


How can the uncertainty of a transitional moment serve as inspiration?


How can a break or change in trajectory be understood as an opportunity?


How can we welcome change while reaching toward a future that honours individual conceptions of self + collective understandings of social cohesion?


How can these dynamics shape the way we experience + subsequently remember a historical moment?

Improvisation + intersectionality ask that we develop complex understandings of ourselves + the contexts in which we operate by moving beyond dyadic conceptions + practicing radical openness. They ask that we stand firmly in our yes’s + that we ask ourselves why + how the specificities of individual experiences are made possible in order to then explore how understandings of past + present are inextricably related to our ability to manifest certain futures.


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