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Michelle McGeough

Tansi, Michelle McGeough  nitsiyihkâson, kayahtê nitohcîn, amiskwaciy-wâskahikan,

Hello, my name is Michelle McGeough. I was born in Beaver Hill House also known as Edmonton.  I grew up in rural Alberta, not far from where my Cree/ Métis family once lived in the settlement known as Beaver Hills Lake.  I am also of settler descent, my father was from Northern Ireland. My familial ties remain in the Treaty Six region, it is where my siblings and most of my extended family continue to reside. 



I arrived in Montreal this past summer to take up a position in Concordia University’s Art History department.  Arriving in a new city amidst the pandemic was challenging. I am beginning to settle in as I look forward to the snow after a beautiful summer and an extended fall. 



I am very happy to be a part of this digital residency.  I was very fortunate to see Couzyn Van Heuvelen’s exhibition BAIT in Vancouver last year and here, in Montreal before the lockdown. I look forward to sharing with you some of my thoughts about the exhibition and the insights, and memories that BAIT evokes for me as an Indigenous person, artist, and art historian.


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