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Silky Talk:


An evening discussion with Dana Michel and Michael Nardone on the score in progress



As part of their performance writing residency So So Silky Silky Silk: Scoring Yellow Towel, Dana Michel and Michael Nardone discuss their deciphering and scoring-in-progress of Yellow Towel (2013), Dana Michel's iterative and improvisational solo performance.

This public conversation will be informed by Michel and Nardone's questions on the itinerant and obscure aspects of Yellow Towel: What is legible in the movement of performance? What traces do its ephemeral moments leave? How to notate the duration of gesture, of utterance? To what extent, and how specifically, does the performance exceed any capacity for its documentation? 

For more information on the ongoing residency:

* Please note that the discussion will start at 6PM sharp and will be held in English with whisper translation to French.

Dana Michel is associate artist with Par B.L.eux.

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