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Senegal Conferences


At Vidéographe, UQAM, Concordia and OBORO


Tuesday, March 29 | Aïcha Aïdara, Samba Fall

7:00 pm (in French)
Vidéographe, 4550 Garnier Street, Montreal
Aïcha Aïdara (painting and weaving) et Samba Fall (film animation, painting and installation)


Presentation of their background and of their artistic practice.
The spindly lines and simple colors in the works of Aïcha Aïdara demonstrate a symbiosis between the techniques of painting and weaving. Her research on myth and aesthetic dimension is expressed in creations that revolved around woven pagnes.

The crux of Samba Fall’s work is a reflection based on human behavior within society, taking personality changes as paradigm.


Wednesday, March 30 | Serigne Mbaye Camara
12:40 pm (in French)
Programme ICI, UQAM, room A-M050 Pavillon Hubert-Aquin, Montreal
1255 Saint-Denis Street or 400 Sainte-Catherine Street East

Presentation of the last 30 years of his artistic background in painting and installation. Camara explains that his work “seeks to express ideas, feelings, and beliefs, rather than solely attempting to reach a material goal. His work is characterised by a reduction to essential form and a stylisation of ‘gris-gris’ characters that constitute the core of expression. ”


Wednesday, March 30 | Pape Seydi
2:00 pm (in English)
Concordia University
1515 Sainte-Catherine Street West, EV-003-655 (3rd floor)


Presentation of his artistic practice in photography.
The basis of Pape Seydi’s work aims to embrace “the other” in the context of universal concerns. The civic awareness and the occupation of urban space are equally inscribed in his artistic approach. His works oscillate between the poetic and the conceptual, and are punctuated by aesthetic and humanist expression.

Thursday, March 31 | Fatou Kandé Senghor and Piniang
6:00 pm (in French)
OBORO, 4001 Berri Street, space 200, Montreal

Fatou and Piniang will discuss their artistic work in order to place into context the reality of an artist working in media arts in Senegal. How can one maintain their artistic practice in a country which has few technical means, scarce financial resources, and daily electrical outages? How do media arts fit into a culture where traditional art practices are still present and dominant?

The work of Piniang is above all a reflection on humankind and our environment.  His pictorial and technical œuvre takes into account the everyday life of societies and integrates certain elements of the surrounding culture. He parodies the society of information linking man, city, and society. His approach is based on the synthesis of matter.


Convinced that art is an effective weapon to resolve problems in Africa, Fatou Kandé Senghor encourages many young people from all walks of life to visit the Waru to hone their artistic and technological skills to benefit the Senegalese and Africans. Her greatest wish is to see these young contemporary artists, of which she is a part, to actively participate in the development and enlivenment of media and communication in a professional environment offering future prospects. She is the founder of Waru Studio, a platform for artistic research in Dakar.


Friday April 1 | Pierre Beaudoin

3:00 pm (in French)

Montréal, arts interculturels (MAI)

3680 Jeanne-Mance Street, Montreal


Pierre Beaudoin, exhibition curator, will lead a conversation with six Senegalese artists. The encounter aims to present the process of research, production and implementation of the exhibition. The participants will recount their shared or individual experience of the project, which centers on temporality and dialogue. How did the artists respond to the proposal of the curator? How did they manage to establish constant contact and maintain a form of exchange in different locations? How is their artistic approach integrated into the creation of a work presented in the context of this exhibition? What are the results

of their experience?


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