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What Remains?

Post-documenta fourteen

Workshop with curator and educator Sepake Angiama


Wednesday, January 10th, 2-5 pm at SBC

Image: Dimitris Partimos


Sepake Angiama is a curator and educator, whose interest lies in discursive practices, the social framework, and how we shape and form our experience in understanding the world. This has inspired her to work with artists who disrupt or provoke aspects of the social sphere through action, design, dance, and architecture. While in her position as Head of Education, Documenta 14 she initiated the project Under the Mango Tree: Sites of Learning in cooperation with ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) which gathers artist-led spaces, libraries and schools interested in unfolding discourses around decolonizing education practices that destabilize the European canon, through examining alternative epistemologies, notions of unlearning and indigenous knowledge. Previously she was the Head of Education for Manifesta 10 hosted by the Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg. She is currently a Fellow for BAK, Utrecht (basis voor actuele kunst) where she addresses through her research, Her Imaginary, how science fiction and feminism may harness the perfect tools for capturing a pedagogy of political and social imagination.


The intimate spaces, research and programming methodologies of aneducation - the name given to the working process of the department for ‘art mediation’ at documenta 14 (Kassel and Athens) - were framed by three questions, What Shifts? What Drifts? and What Remains?, questions which circulated through aneducation’s working methods, research and programming while considering why we come together.


During the workshop What Remains? Post-documenta fourteen at SBC Gallery, curator and educator Sepake Angiama invites us to think through these questions together, taking as point of reference aneducation's Laufmappe- a resource for educators that departs from many of the works, practices, methods and politics within documenta 14. Proposing that we think collectively about the de-centering of knowledge; unlearning; and decolonizing practices of education, Sepake asks how marginalized voices can create a cacophonous thinking chorus, in the continued work of listening and attempting to embody Learning from Athens; in the privileging of the ‘short story’; the refusal of the grand narrative and its reproduction of knowledge; while learning together through individual bodies.


Sepake invites us to think collectively about the necessary formats for and questions around how artworks, artists and exhibitions connect with publics, students and classrooms, and to test out what an approach to de-centred learning might become.



Workshop details:


What Remains? Post-documenta fourteen will take place on Wednesday, January 10th from 2 - 5pm at SBC, 372 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, espace 507.


The workshop will be led by Sepake in English, with whisper translation to French - and/or other languages where possible. Applicants may register in either English or French. Please indicate any language needs you may have, at least 3 days prior to the event.


Participation is free of charge.


This workshop has been made possible through the generous support of the Goethe-Institut Montreal.  



Accessibility Information:


The Belgo Building and SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art are wheelchair accessible. There is one wheelchair accessible, gender-neutral bathroom on SBC’s floor. Folding chairs will be available for seating.

Further accessibility information is available on our website.


For information or questions concerning accessibility, or to bring forward any accessibility needs, please contact Hikaru by phone at 514.861.9992 or by email at

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