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pour les intimes


yes I will have the pleasure of welcoming special guests

et vous aurez l’opportunité de rencontrer des artistes qui diront “oui, et … aussi”

and the languages of their yes’s + and’s + also’s may be multiple

and you will listen

vous serez aussi absorbé.e par le moment + l’espace + l'expérimentation collective



Shaya Ishaq

Thursday March 22

5:00 - 8:00pm


Shaya Ishaq is an interdisciplinary designer, craftswoman, community organizer and DJ based in Halifax. Working with ceramics and textiles, she explores how these craft disciplines connect lives through culture, tradition, material and function. As a Kenyan-Canadian born into a legacy of weavers, Shaya is fascinated by fibre based techniques which enable storytelling in the craft traditions of her motherland. As an organizer and DJ, centring femme magic and creating spaces that celebrate black and brown brilliance is what fuels her music practice and community building ethos. Weaving afrobeat, disco, early house, and funk, Shyshaya unapologetically holds space for sounds of the black diaspora.


* The first pour les intimes event with Shaya Ishaq will be a private event for an audience of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. The following pour les intimes events will be open to all audiences.



Kosi Nnebe

Saturday March 24

12:00 - 3:00pm


Kosisochukwu Nnebe is a Nigerian-Canadian visual artist. Her work aims to combine critical theory and visual arts practice, and explores the role of art as an interactive and disruptive force. Her work has been exhibited at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Places des Arts and Station 16 in Montreal, and the Mohr Gallery in Mountain View, California. She is currently based in Ottawa.


* This event is open to all audiences.



Be Heintzman Hope

Thursday March 29

5:30 - 9:00pm


“For me, creation is healing and inextricable from mental health. I'm a descendant of the first Chinese immigrants to arrive in so-called 'Canada' to work on the rail-road. I hold German and Scottish blood as part of my ancestry and inherited occupancy of Indigenous land. My body is a an archive of experiences that I consult to tell stories as a facilitation artist, community builder, singer, dancer, dj, lover, friend, sibling, child etc. My work is trauma informed, based in play, pleasure and the belief that laughing everyday is an achievable goal.” 


* This event is open to all audiences.



- Accessibility Information -

The Belgo Building and SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art are wheelchair accessible. There is one wheelchair accessible, gender-neutral bathroom on SBC’s floor. The event is free and kid-friendly.

To bring forward any other accessibility needs, requests or questions please contact the gallery by phone at 514.861.9992 or by email at


Born to Haitian-Canadian and Malian-Canadian parents, nènè myriam konaté is an artist, writer, creative director and facilitator whose work focuses on intergenerational learning, embodied knowledge and coalition. In November 2015, Nènè created The Clap Back, a space to informally discuss everything from pop culture phenomena to divisive political issues. Since then, Nènè has had the pleasure of moderating discussions on topics such as micro aggressions, iterations of love within racialized communities, instances of popular Black cultural production (ex: Beyoncé Knowles’ Lemonade and Solange Knowles’ A Seat at the Table), as well as (in)visibility, identity and culture within a Canadian context. In August 2016 Nènè co-founded Collective Culture Montreal, an interdisciplinary festival that celebrates the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour. Nènè’s work has been featured at Writers Read’s Off the Page Festival, at Articule Artist Run Centre, and in Sophomore Mag. Nènè’s collaborators include McGill University’s Social Equity and Diversity Education Office, Two Hungry Children, Womb Cxre, Black Love Matters Montreal, The Woman Power, HerDay, SoHo House Toronto and Centre Never Apart.

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