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February 28th 7pm to 2am 


7pm - 8pm Mathieu Bouchard hosts invited guests for a discussion Institutions vs. critique, satire and just plain fun, or as we say in French, “si on ne vaut pas une risée, on ne vaut pas grand-chose”.


8:30pm - 9:30pm Saelan Twerdy hosts Rob Horning, Jennifer Chan, and Molly Sauter for Live Chat, a conversation about how digital networks and social media are reformatting our communication, our relationships, and our selves.


10pm - 11pm jake moore presents Tessitura, a video programme and performative lecture focusing on the female voice.

11:30pm - 12:30am Entrepreneurs du Commun interviews Entrepreneurs du Commun on the subject of The Construction of the National Monument to Victims of Communism in Ottawa.


12:30am - 2am Screenings and recordings. 

SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art opens its exhibition Talk Show (the sequel), with a supercharged program for Nuit blanche! Live interviews, performances and talks will be held from 7pm to 12:30am with screenings and recordings programmed until 2am for dedicated Nuit blanche revellers. Talk Show is focused on the art and politics of conversation. Organized by el instituto (Mexico City), the sequel expands on the original Talk Show (2012) and its exploration of the roles of the speech act, of the contested figure of the witness, and of testimonials in the constitution of the subject and the configuration of the political. 


Talk Show features live and recorded hosts and guests jake moore, Will Straw, Lauren Berlant, Michael Hardt, Entrepreneurs du Commun, Bertolt Brecht, cheyanne turions, Mathieu Bouchard, Paige Sarlin, Clarice Lispector, Saelan Twerdy, Pablo Sigg, Luc Tuymans, Pip Day and more.

“The next instant, do I make it? or does it make itself?”


Talk Show launches SBC’s second Focus Program: Água Viva. This long-term research project emerges out of Clarice Lispector’s 1973 book of the same title and seeks to expand on SBC’s practice of living research: artists, writers, architects, musicians, curators and other cultural practitioners will be invited to think together and to develop projects through and around this extraordinary piece of prose. Dispensing with narrative while dwelling in the “secret harmony of disharmony”, the Focus Program, like Clarice’s Água Viva, seeks to pull at the threads that articulate shifting political subjectivities, modes of address and the complexities between “you” and “I”. 


el instituto, currently headquartered in Mexico City, is a not-for-profit organization that generates exhibitions, conferences, workshops, courses and platforms for other events. el instituto is committed to the exploration of the overlap between art, culture, politics, activism and human rights theory and practice, both locally and internationally. Having no physical site of its own, el instituto functions symbiotically, hosted by cultural or academic institutions, while also operating in less official spaces and capacities.


SBC wishes to thank the CCA, Skol & Les Territoires.

Image: Herman Caroan, Recording Time with David and Maria # 1 , modified, 2015

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