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Texting for Telepathy

December 6, 2014, 2pm - 5pm


(Participatory Performance)


Employing the technique of Accurism, the collective consciousness of the gallery space, and individual mobile devices, the CRUM will attempt to achieve telepathy.



























A Trifield 100XE EMF Meter measures radiofrequency (RF), the invisible electromagnetic radiation in the gallery as it wavers between 432 hertz and telepathy. Visitors are encouraged to text 514-655-5171 to enable higher states of consciousness. 


Buckminster Fuller’s speculation that humans might eventually communicate through an invisible spectrum of energy was driven by an understanding of the world as an integrated system encompassing humans, technology and the natural environment. 


With approval from the provincial energy regulation body, Hydro Québec announced in 2012 that it would replace its existing analogue electricity readers with “next generation” RF meters, which emit bursts of radiation and allow for the reading of electricity consumption at a distance. 


While similar to many wireless devices such as cell phones and baby monitors, the RF “smart” meters have been met with opposition, with fears that long-term exposure may be carcinogenic and contribute to health problems. Health Canada safety standards for RF emissions are based on exposure at a distance of one metre; yet experiments with plants situated adjacent to RF devices have shown deterioration and stunted growth. 


RF exposure in general has engendered a broad if possibly tinfoil hat-wearing form of activism, including the development of structures and clothing which block RF emissions. These measures may inadvertently restrict human capacity to achieve telepathy.* 



* An information session and product demonstration with Stéphane Bélainsky from 

Electromagnetic Environmental Expertise Inc. will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015 

at 2 pm. 



SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art

372 Ste. Catherine O. Suite 507

Montréal, QC,

H3B 1A2



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