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Save the memory. The role of women against oblivion through artistic practices.

Discussion with the artists Lorena Orozco Quiyono,
Laura Valencia Lozada and Livia Daza-Paris.
Online discussion in Spanish. Available on Facebook and Instagram.
Moderators: Maribel Escobar Varillas, Melisa Lio, Valeria Macías (Ex Teresa Arte Actual)
Date: Tuesday March 8 at 9pm EST

We are happy to share with you this wonderful round table organized by our collaborators Ex Teresa Arte Actual for the International Women’s Day. 


Taking the works presented in the exhibition Chronicles: Resonances as a starting point, artists Lorena Orozco Quiyono, Laura Valencia Lozada and Livia Daza-París will discuss their work and how it affects the formation of counter-narratives and the preservation of memory. They will also seek to problematize the role of women in the construction of memory, involving revealing the silencing of women in social mobilizations and struggles, as well as making visible, through denunciation and art, traumatic events such as enforced disappearance or gender violence. These reflections are addressed through a dialogue with these three artists who come from different contexts of oblivion and violence in Latin America and who open the conversation, through video and performance, for an exchange of ideas and experiences.

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