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Artist residency

Date of residency: January 18 to March 1, 2021

Deadline: December 18, 2020

In this period of social isolation, we are determined to take up the challenge of providing an institutional platform for artists. While the organization  of exhibitions and the studio maintenance Montreal are becoming precarious, SBC is committed to providing an incubator space that offers support to our artistic community.


SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art is launching a new program of artist residencies based on mentorship exchange that offers space (physical and virtual) for the resident to deepen their research in a field of interest delineated by the artist. For a period of 6 weeks, the resident will have access to various resources to accompany them in the development of their project. The project should be articulated around the mediation of events or interventions that could include (but are not limited to): an immersive online presentation or a conversation, a workshop, a series of Instagram interventions, or other proposals we haven't thought of yet!


As an institution, we are in the midst of ruminating on digital participation and accessibility – exploring the possibilities that emerge from programs offered at a distance. This residency adopts a theme of introspection, consistent with the slow pace of cultural production, which is resisting the overconsumption of information in this time otherwise known as the homo pandemicus era. We thus invite you to consider :   


  1. How do you define this moment and how does your artistic practice fit within that definition?

  2. What processes do you value in your approach to a world in quarantine? 

  3. Are there particular gestures that you turn to that generate a form of community situated in the future?


We invite you to carefully read the residency format and the application documents listed below.



Residency / Stages of realization

  • Preliminary meeting with the SBC team 

  • Submission and validation of the production plan, along with the co-production/distribution contract

  • Meeting with an artistic consultant associated with the artist's project

  • The residency period includes: production, activities in targeted contexts, dialogue with invited visitors, etc.

  • Follow-up of the residency experience: meetings with the SBC team (planning, assessment, problem solving, adjustment)

  • Exchange with the public (at the end of the residency)


Artist Support

  • Outreach to partners or collaborators, etc.

  • Wording of terms and conditions for partnerships and collaborations

  • Development of a timetable

  • Research

  • Implementation strategies, interventions, and presentations


Communications tools

  • Page dedicated to the project on the SBC website

  • Distribution of press releases at each stage of the residency project

  • Organization of an event (online or public) on the occasion of the closing of the residence 

  • Production and dissemination of a documentary video (approx. 5 minutes)  


Terms and Conditions

  • Artist fee of $ 2 000 CAD

  • Gallery space offered as an individual work space during the residency period

  • Access to office equipment: Computer, printer library books, installation tools

  • Production stipend of $900 CAD

  • Support from the SBC team 

  • Please note that we do not cover accommodation or transportation costs. Therefore, we expect submissions from artists based in Montreal, or those who can otherwise manage their own accommodation and transportation expenses.


Please submit your application no later than December 18, 2020 to


In a single PDF document, please include:

  • Motivation letter - your interest in the proposed residency format related to your approach and experiences. (550 words max.). 

  • Artistic process and creative methodologies (max. 550 words)

  • Letter of Intent from a Mentor - Preferred

  • Project intention in relation to the proposed exploration cycle and a brief description of material and technical requirements (max. 600 words). 

  • Curriculum vitae (max. 3 pages) 

  • Press kit (max. 3 pages) - Optional


Visual file:

  • 5 to 10 images - JPG format, 72 dpi - Identified as:01_firstname_lastname.jpg

  • and/or video and audio excerpts (5 minutes max) - Hyperlinks required (with password if necessary)

  • Descriptive list of images and/or audiovisual excerpts - PDF Format

  • Links to specific pages on your website - Optional 

  • Be sure to attach all the links from the visual folder to your presentation document. Please keep your documents online until the end of December 2020.


Send your application in one submission (15 MB maximum) via WeTransfer to:, with the subject line: Residency Committee 2021.



DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: 18 December 2020, 11:59 PM EST


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