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In these times of need for urgent action, critical attention, and visibility—we invite you to bear witness to a series of Black and Indigenous artists and filmmakers activating the point of convergence between the imaginary and the experiential. when the grace is in the ground is a rotating program of short films, highlighting Black and Indigenous embodiments of resistance and survivance grounded in self-determined temporalities, affects, and kinship: 


“Awa,” Morningstar Derosier, Tyson Mowarin, et Jason Taylor
”Fucked Like A Star,” Stefani Saintonge
“Indigenous Plant Diva,” Kamala Todd
“Chainmail 2,” Amartey Golding
“Woman Dress, ”Thirza Cuthand
"afronauts," nuotama bodomo


These films sharing innate notions of futurities provokes the necessity of  continuing relational ties between Black and Indigenous communities. Conjuring feelings of responsibility, we ask our viewers: how can we attend to conflicting histories, the power of our Earth, and our relations with one another more vigorously?





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