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Publication Launch and roundtable

TransWEB: Building Dissident Platforms Through Virtuality

Roundtable and publication launch

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

from 6 to 8 pm
Open to all

At SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art [hybrid with A Pilastra (BR)] 

TransWEB is a dissident contemporary art project that, throughout 2022 and 2023, connected Brazilian cultural agents from the so-called global south to Canada, and North America. This south-north bridge took place in times of transition from a complex pandemic scenario brought on by COVID-19. The project began with The Elspeth McConnell Award 2022, which awarded researcher Rodrigo D'Alcântara (PhD Candidate, Art History, Concordia) a curatorial internship at the SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art (CA), in institutional partnership with A Pilastra Galeria (BR) and its director Gisele Lima.  


The Brazilian artists Dyó Potyguara, Romulo Barros, and Yná Kabe Rodríguez were then invited by the curator to share three months of virtual artistic residency (June to August 2022), to discuss issues such as transnationality, trans-culturalism, trans-species, transsexuality, among other plural ways of thinking about the practice of Brazilian dissident art in dialog with North American epistemologies. 


This project now culminates in 2024 in a publication kindly sponsored by the Canadian institute Indigenous Futures Research Center - IFRC, called "TransWEB: building dissident platforms through virtuality". Organized by Rodrigo d’Alcântara and co-edited with Wanessa Cardoso, the bilingual publication contains original essays by artists Dyó Potyguara, Romulo Barros and Yná Kabe Rodríguez as well as two additional essays by the multi-disciplinary artists Walla Capelobo and Sumé Aguiar (aka Abel).


At the hybrid event, the public will be able to hear the Brazilian curators and authors of the book talk about their brand-new experimental essays.



Rodrigo D’Alcântara, Art History PhD Candidate (Concordia University, Canada) - he/him

is a Brazilian multi-artist, researcher, and curator based in Montreal/Tiohtiá:ke. His practical and theoretical research articulates symbolisms, dreams, and counter-hegemonic mythologies in contemporary times. He is currently a PhD candidate in the art history department at Concordia University, where he also teaches as a sessional lecturer.

Gisele Lima, Gallery and Publishing House Director (A Pilastra, Brazil) - she/her
has a bachelor's degree in art theory, criticism, and history from the University of Brasília. Since 2015, she has been researching processes of creation, and making in artistic works, cultural production, and curatorship. She is currently the director of the Gallery and Publishing House A Pilastra (Brasilia, Brazil). 


Dyó Potyguara, Visual Artist (Brazil) - she/her 

is a multiple Brazilian visual artist and environmental educator. She researches cosmo-perceptions at the crossroads of Africa and the Americas guided by the desire for another iconography and future from the seed we plant today. She develops performances and pedagogical and/or visual schemes, in person and virtually. 

Romulo Barros, Visual Artist (Brazil) - they/them 

Romulo Barros has a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts from the University of Brasília. Born and raised in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Their artistic production spans the fields of painting, installation, sculpture, and engraving. They often use handicrafts as a medium, as they come from a traditionally inventive family. 


Yná Kabê Rodríguez, Visual Artist (Brazil) - they/them
Yná Kabê Rodríguez holds a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts and a master's degree in Contemporary Art from the Graduate Program in Visual Arts (University of Brasília). She works as an artist-babysitter-curator-researcher, holding the position of secretary at SEC-EIB (Secretariat for the Development of the First School of Indiscipline in Brazil) and acts as a producer of Brazilian Ballroom Culture, with the project Grand Prize. 


Walla Capelobo, Visual Artist (Brazil) - she/her 

Dark forest, fertile mud. Anti-colonial transfeminista, artist, and independent curator. She composes knowledge and artistic experiments from the legacies of good living and existence received by the thin layer of her skin. She works in study groups, Interfluxes (UFF), and GeruMaa: African and Indian American Philosophy and aesthetics (UFRJ).

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