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Manuel Chantre, L'œil magique, 2023. © Photo: Manuel Chantre

The Gallery as a Trigger

Friday, November 24

From 17h30 to 20h00

SBC Gallery of contemporary art

Free event, no reservation.

Event as part of the Symposium
"The Humboldt Effect V : Feeding the Fire" by artist Fabiano Kueva and curator Emmanuelle Choquette organized with Oboro.




5:30 pm:

Manuel Chantre, L'œil magique, 20 min.


Sound performance exploring the search for a state of calm and serenity through chaotic radio streams captured live. The work explores the ever-present tension of individuals overwhelmed by the constant flow of words, music, messages and images transmitted by the media. The composition takes shape by assembling the sounds of a 20th-century FM radio from the collection of the Musée des ondes Emile Berliner (MOEB). The magic eye is a radio component, once used to tune a radio more precisely (or not).


6:00 pm:

Technologies de la fête

Jam session guided by Alexandre Castonguay


Novices and seasoned musicians alike are invited to take part in a collective jam. Gathered in the gallery space, the performers explore the electronic sounds of the instruments at their disposal, building a common, evolving soundtrack. 


Jam is close to decolonial practices in that, at its best, it allows us to develop an ability to listen and pay attention to others. The circularity of the sequences, which are not exempt from the structures of electronic instruments, is akin to orality, made up of repetition, repetition, dissonance and slow, shared evolutionary transformations. It leaves room for the emergence of new consensuses, improvisation and spontaneity in creation.  

6:00 pm.:

Gutemalan tortilla workshop with Cony Martinez

As part of the La Casa de Guatemala project in Montreal, currently on display in our gallery, we are delighted to welcome Cony Martinez, former member of Club Tikal Guatemala, a social club founded by and for Guatemalans in the 80s in Montreal. She'll share with us the steps involved in making traditional Guatemalan tortillas. In addition to offering a culinary experience, this workshop aims to convey the cultural and historical elements of Club Tikal Guatemala. The workshop and tortillas are free, so bring your appetite and your curiosity.


This event is part of the Symposium The Humboldt Effect V : Feeding the Fire, by artist Fabiano Kueva and curator Emmanuelle Choquette, in partnership with OBORO, SBC Galerie d’art contemporain and UQAM’s Laboratoire d’art et de recherche décoloniaux (LabARD), with the collaboration of Groupe de recherche et de réflexion CIÉCO, Équipe Art et musée and Cinéma Public. The program also includes an evening of film screenings and book presentations.

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