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Nov 25-26, 2023

Consult the full program here. 

Free, register here.


The Humboldt Effect V: Feeding the Fire* is a series of encounters organized as part of the Archive Alexandre de Humboldt Montréal exhibition. This event seeks to open up new critical spaces for reflection and sharing, between disciplines and between the southern and northern hemispheres. Forms and sources of knowledge are discussed without hierarchy, combining the viewpoints and expertise of artists, curators, authors and researchers in art, museology, anthropology and cultural studies, from Quebec, Latin America and Europe. Research is put forward as a means of coming together, beyond physical and theoretical boundaries, to feed a collective fire. It’s a fire by which we seek to shed light on preoccupying issues for art and beyond: the relationship between humans and nature, territory and ecology, transcending the imperatives of the global market, as well as the development of decolonial approaches to the production, conservation and valorization of knowledge, particularly within museums.

This 3-day public program, from November 23 to 25, is free upon registration and will be held at the OBORO artist-run center and at UQAM, in Salle Pierre-Bourgault. The symposium is organized in partnership with OBORO, SBC Galerie d’art contemporain and UQAM’s Laboratoire d’art et de recherche décoloniaux (LabARD), with the collaboration of UQAM, Groupe de recherche et de réflexion CIÉCO, Équipe Art et musée and Cinéma Public. The program also includes an evening of film screenings and book presentations.


The Humboldt Effect: Performing Ideas was created by the artist Fabiano Kueva and the curator Ana Rodriguez Ludeña in 2018. The Humboldt Effect V: Feeding the Fire, Montreal 2023 is directed by the curator Emmanuelle Choquette and the artist Fabiano Kueva.

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