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We are excited to announce that two new members have joined our team at SBC! Antoine Breton is our new Exhibitions and Communications Manager, and Carla Rangel is our new Head of Public Programs and Institutional Development. 


After two Masters in visual arts and in curatorial practices (Rennes, France) Antoine Bertron co-founded the curatorial collective L'île d'en face with Laura Donnet and Chloé Beulin in Nantes, while continuing to work as a manager with various structures museums in France and Quebec (Frac, Grand café, Fondation Phi, etc.)


Carla Rangel works in between the fields of art, architecture and pedagogy; with a practice focused on horizontal forms of knowledge exchange and know-how and tactile forms of inquiry. Since 2014, she has been working with architecture collectives, land activists and associations active in the transformation of public space, the regeneration of rural areas and the protection of biodiversity.


Welcome to the team Antoine and Carla!