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Podcast: "Feeding of pigeons is prohibited"

Photo: Guillaume Ethier, 2022

Podcast : Feeding of pigeons is prohibited

With  Guillaume Éthier, Chloé Roubert, Christina Contandriopoulos and Béatrice Poitras 

How can we perceive the relationship between pigeons, falcons and the urban setting? What architectural and urban means have been put in place to counter the presence of one and encourage the flourishing of the other? Moreover, in a context where municipalities are becoming more and more sanitized, i.e. free of any dirt, how can we envisage such a cohabitation between humans and non-humans? Chloé Roubert, guest artist in the Faucons et pigeons exhibition, deals openly with this question of aseptization in her project A pigeon's perspective (2013).

During an episode of the podcast Cadre Bâti, recorded in the SBC gallery, host and urban planner Guillaume Éthier will discuss with artist Chloé Roubert, architectural historian Christina Contandriopoulos and art history student Béatrice Poitras. 


The episode, recorded in french, is available here.

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