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Basil AlZeri, The Postcard Project Postcard #7, 2013, A Problem So Big It Needs Other People

Basil AlZeri, The Postcard Project, Postcard # 7 , 2013, courtesy of Manolo Lugo.

Basil AlZeri, The Mobile Kitchen Lab Condensus Chile, 2013, A Problem So Big It Needs Other People

Basil AlZeri, The Mobile Kitchen Lab Condensus Chile , 2013, courtesy of Helinä Hukkataival.

Basil AlZeri is an Interdisciplinary, Toronto-based Palestinian, visual artist working in performance, video, installation, food, and public art interventions/projects. His work is grounded in his practice as an art educator and community worker. He is engaged with the intersection of everyday actions and life necessities with art. Given the context of a space, his work strives to interact with the public through gestures of generosity in social interactions and exchanges. AlZeri's performance work has been exhibited in Toronto (FADO, Nuit Blanche, Whipper Snapper Gallery), Quebec - Montreal (Fait Maison 14, VIVA! ART ACTION Montreal),Ottawa (Ottawa Art Gallery/Creative Cities Conference), Mexico (Transmuted International Performance Art Festival, Performancear O Morir), and Chile - Santiago (PERFOLINK International Performance Art Festival). Upcoming projects include a public performance/Installation project in Sackville, New Brunswick (The Owens Art Gallery) and in Carleton-sur-Mer, Québec (Vaste Et Vague artist run center). AlZeri gave artists talks/lectures at ElChopo Museum in Mexico City, Ontario College of Art and Design, and Concordia University (part of the TALK, TALK, TALK Lecture series.

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