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November 14 - 16

Each year, SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art facilitates an annual fundraiser that invites patrons to gain exclusive access to private and corporate collections, artists' studios, museums and galleries all over the world. For the 2016 fundraiser, Lenore Harris, Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors along with Pip Day, SBC Director/Curator will be traveling to Bogotá, Colombia.


Over the past few years, Bogotá has emerged as an exciting hub for art and culture. It is a centre for prominent symphonies, a vibrant street art scene, the largest international theatre festival, and ArtBO, Colombia’s international art exhibition for Latin American artists, curators, and gallery owners.


Although registration for this year’s tour is now complete, if you would like more information on future Art Tours, please contact the gallery at:


514-861-9992 or


Image from FLORA arts+natura, Bogotá​, Colombia 

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