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Week 1: Romulo Barros
October 4 - 7 2022

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 2.02.33 PM.png

The first artist to be featured in the TransWEB virtual program is Romulo Barros. Romulo had her creative process followed by our virtual residency program in June 2022, with Rodrigo D’Alcântara’s mentorship. Issues such as alchemy, mystery, eccentricity, and the breaking of binarisms were part of the rich debates with the artist, who during this week will occupy the stories of SBC Gallery and A Pilastra.

How to think of an iconography of selffiction through artistic practice? The artist Romulo Barros explores the stories told by her family and their diasporic ancestral relationships to invoke images, objects, and other subjective bodies. 

The final work produced by Romulo Barros as a result of the TransWEB virtual artist residency is called Eyes that this land will eat


During the residency, mentor Rodrigo D'Alcântara proposed that the artists indicate to each other what he called "poetic trigger", a way to stimulate a collective and dialogical creative process. The work reflects the triggers shared by the other artists and the mentor: "decomposition", "eccentricity", and "vegetal memory".

Watch three segments of the work Eyes that this land will eat.

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