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Week 3: Dyó Potyguara
October 18 - 21 2022

Dispositivos brincantes para performar um herbário anticolonial, 2021.jpeg

The third artist to be featured in the TransWEB virtual programming is Dyó Potyguara. Dyó was accompanied by our virtual residency program in August of this year. Subjects such as the integration of the human being with the world, Afro-indigenous convergences, and the activation of millenary knowledge were discussed in the residency, and now the results can be seen throughout this week in the stories of the SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art and A Pilastra Gallery.

The final work produced by Dyó Potyguara as a result of the TransWEB virtual artist residency is called Notes for an Anticolonial Herbarium

During the residency, curator Rodrigo D'Alcântara proposed that the artists indicated to each other what he called "poetic trigger", a way to stimulate a collective and dialogical creative process. Dyó’s final work reflects the triggers shared by the other artists and the curator:  "smell of the world," "virtual garden," and "Yerbero Moderno (Celia Cruz song)."".


Dyo 2.jpeg
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