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Closing Event for Confluences. River rights / rites de rivières

performance confluences finals-28.jpeg
Photo: © Freddy Arciniegas - Arcpixel
Saturday, July 2nd, 2022

Free entrance
In presence in the gallery

Curatorial exhibition tour

From 2:30 to 3:30pm

We invite you to discover the exhibition through a guided tour given by the curator of the exhibition, Gwynne Fulton.

In a one hour tour, the curator will trace the origins of the exhibition project and explore the links between the works, the rivers, the personal and colonial histories, the living beings and their struggles for the recognition of the voice of the rivers.

Performance Canto, río, río, lloro by Pilar Escobar

From 4pm

Pilar Escobar presents Canto, río, río, lloro (Song, river, laugh, cry), a performative action that draws on ritual and song to relay the cry of the river itself—of its waters and visible and invisible beings that inhabit it. A slow funerary accordion melody delivers us to a sacred territory. Relaying stories of life and death, joy and grief, Canto, río, río, lloro, is a prayer by and for the river—Yuma, the great serpent. It calls for the transformation of human consciousness, for its openness to cleanse, drain and sweep away memories of violence, ambition and sadness, so that the river resonates and vibrates in harmonious frequencies thus purifying the memory of its waters.

The performance will be followed by a 5 - 7 at the gallery.

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